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"Flowers are a design on their own, we simply arrange them to bring out their beauty"
Out of the Bloom Workshops
........... "Floristry Workshops & Floral Art for all Occasions"

Located in the heart of London’s trendy and exciting Camden, home of the famous Lock Market, Out of the Bloom offers a revolutionary way of teaching floristry. Our monthly, weekly and daily workshops are very intensive, unique and innovative enabling you to discover all your inner artistic feelings and emotions. We will simply encourage you to express your own imaginative ideas and put them into action by teaching you in a practical way, how to work with flowers and achieve an inspirational result which represents your moods and emotions within a unique and exciting presentation, but also most importantly to represent your clients taste, style and budget should you wish to take up floristry as a career.

Out of the Bloom will principally teach you that flowers are a design on their own, we simply put them together in a manner which brings out their beauty and your own, by using your hands, mind and heart. Remember 5% Art, 95% confidence!!!
Out of the Bloom floristry workshops have no boring bits, only fashionable, funky, floral fun!
Our workshops cover all aspects of Floristry Design and will include the most up to date techniques. Specifically, students will be instructed in the principles of design, the importance of symmetry and of colour co-ordination and will be followed by instruction in creative practical arrangements suitable throughout the home and in commercial situations. Emphasis will be placed on developing the skills necessary to create inspirational designs for those special occasions such as dinner parties, weddings, functions, funeral wreaths/ arrangements etc. Should you wish to pursue a career working with flowers, Out of the Bloom will ensure that you are well equipped to take up employment as a professional florist, whether open your own shop, work from home or for someone else.
89/91 Bayham Street, Camden, London. NW1 0AG

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