Tips on "How to choose your school"

Floristry, Flower Design as a career, is not just " putting some flower together " as many people perceive it to be.

It is actually the combination of a lot more elements than just your artistic side.

You need the confidence to face the consumer,
You need the business sense to make it profitable,
You need to be equipped with all the tricks, methods and techniques for any style, any taste or fashion. So that you can profit from working with Flowers that you don't particularly like, from making designs that you don't really want to create, and most importantly for customers that you don't really want to make them for!!!

So, when you are ready to choose a school you must make the correct questions, so that you can choose wisely and have the result that you are aiming for at the end of your course.

Booking with a website that's self praising with credentials, and accreditations that you do not check their meaning, is not very clever.

Who actually owns the school?

Is she/he the teacher? If not, who then will be teaching you? What credentials does that particular teacher have?

What is the level of retail business experience that the Teacher has? Experience that; can be passed on to you? This is not just for hobby; you need to make a living after your course is finished.

How big is the school? How much space will you have at your disposal, to practice?
Sardine methods do not go hand in hand with artistic freedom.

How many students in the same class? How many students will you have to share the Teachers attention with? Does the Teacher remain in the class throughout the day? Or are you left to your own devices with "assistants" after the instruction? Is the complete instruction taking place in front of you? Will the Teacher spent more time with you, to help you further if you need her/he to do so?

What are the exact hours in the day, and how many topics in a day?

If you are fast and competent do you have to waist your time waiting for other students to catch up? Or could you carry on practising with more flowers?

Will you have unlimited supply of flowers? Or are you given just a small amount for the day?

Where exactly is the school? How accessible is it by public transport? Tube and buses. You do not want to walk for miles to get to it.

And finally, does the school offer any support to you after you finish your course? Will the school help you with work experience placement? Will the school provide you with all the necessary

Now, once you have all these questions answered, then you can decide on the school you are prepared to put your trust in and of course decide whether the price represents the quality you are paying for. Expensive courses do not mean they are better, just as cheaper ones does not mean you are getting a bargain.