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"Flowers are a design on their own, we simply arrange them to bring out their beauty"
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  "Looking to start your own floristry Business London"

Two Week Business of Floristry Course.
2011 Diary Dates
Jan 10th - Jan 21st
March 7th - March 18th
May 2nd - May 13th
Jun 20th - Jul 1st

Hand - Tied and
Working with Oasis 2,200

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This course is a continuation of the One Week Business of Floristry course and it is dedicated in addition to the Hand-Tied (see One week Business of Floristry course) to working with Foam (Oasis) covering all Foam Aspects of Floristry that involves oasis. Be Table Centers, Pedestals, Mantelpieces, Candelabras, Weddings, Wedding Bouquets, Funerals and much more.

All topics include gift wrapping and presentation skills.

All courses run 4 days a week.
Monday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday

All courses commence at 10am and finish at 16.00 hours and Lunch brake between 13.00 - 14.00 hours

We take 5 students per course only

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